About TheoDepot

Marc Chagall, “Remembrance” (1914)

Welcome to the TheoDepot! Here you will find resources for teaching introductory college-level courses in Christian theology.

Why this site exists

Introductory theology courses pose particular challenges to new teachers.

On top of the normal variation of student interest and ability, students come to these courses with a wide range of experience in the academic study of theology (from K-12 Jesuit education to no contact at all) and personal connection to Christianity (from alienated to devout).

This website was inspired by the formal and informal collaboration that occurred in a team-taught introductory-level theology course at Marquette University, funded by the Wabash Center.

Our goal is to foster similar collaboration among a broader groups teachers, and to share strategies for success in teaching these classes.

How to use this site

All posts are marked with categories (indicating the type of resource and the type of course) and tags (marking the topic more specifically). You can navigate this site using either criteria through the categories menu and the tag cloud on the sidebar. Looking for a video on the trinity to introduce your lecture? You can check category for “video” or the tag cloud for “trinity.” In addition, feel free to use the search feature at the top of the page.

Who we are

We are a group of faculty and graduate students in theology and religious studies committed to excellence in teaching and not reinventing the wheel. We are Catholic, Protestant, and Anabaptist. We teach at schools with different confessional identities. We teach courses that are structured systematically, biblically, and historically.

Want to join us by sharing your teaching successes? Check out our submission guidelines.


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